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Recently celebrating 180 years of existence, Liceul Teoretic “Coriolan Brediceanu” from Lugoj, Romania, is a theoretical high school with approximately 700 students: 200 in the middle school (11-15 years old) and about 500 in high school classes (15 - 19 years old) We mainly prepare our students for higher education, for attending universities in Romania or abroad. Our students live in Lugoj and the surrounding villages or smaller towns. A lot of them have parents working abroad.

Our high school classes follow two different directions: realistic and humanistic. Two classes per level study computers, one with intensive programming profile and one with intensive English language learning and two other classes study sciences. There is another class in each level that follows a humanistic profile, with bilingual Romanian - English curriculum. One class per level (usually one with science profile) teaches students in their German mother tongue. 

At the end of their high school time, most of our students prepare for the final exam (bacalaureat) and obtain one or more certificates for their digital or communication skills. 

We have about 60 teachers and staff.

Our school has more than 20 years of experience in carrying on different types of European projects: Comenius, eTwinning, Erasmus+, crossborders, etc and long-term partnerships with European schools and associations. Our curricula for realistic profile contain many chapters in advanced science, mathematics and technology. The best of our students participate in national and international contests in these fields, but many others get involved in environmental projects and voluntary activities