Together in Environmental Solutions Learning Activities

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Kanepi Gymnasium, Estonia is a country school located in South Estonia, Kanepi, which is a municipality with 5000 people. It is a rural living environment with lots of forests and lakes. There are 210 students in Kanepi Gymnasium at the age of 7-19 years in grades 1-12 and 29 teachers. The school logo depicts the statue called “Hope” by famous Estonian sculptor August Weitzenberg originated from Kanepi. The students are involved in regional environmental and science projects. The experience in international projects is gained through eTwinning, students’ exchange programs with partner schools in Germany and Italy and Erasmus+ projects. The students study English, Russian and German as foreign languages within Estonian standard curriculum. Extra-curricular activities include folk dance, choirs, sports, IT- based activities.

The main objective of our school is to provide the education which helps to manage in the developing national and European environment. The key-points: projects on and in the nature, international and national projects, open to educational projects of universities, innovation and development, student-centered environment, national heritage, 21st century skills.