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Our school is located in the centre of Linz and has about 760 students. It is a commercialo college and has 5 departments.

The main department is a commercial college lasting 5 years. Then there are 2 types of commercial school – one general lasting 3 years, and one for athletes, lasting 4 years.

Then we have 2 types opf night school, both 4- year courses. One has lessons 5 days a week, the other one 3 days a week. At the latter type students have to work more at home.

More about our school:

Since 2019 our school has been one of 7 eTwinning schools in Austria and can therefore post this label on the website.

LCCI (London Chamber for Commerce and Industry) is an organisation that provides tests for business English on several levels. Each year, some students make use oft hat, and 3 teachers from our school have the right to examine the students.

Our school is ÖKOLOG certified, a label that only schools that aree environmentally- friendly can display.

ACES – Academy of Central European Schools was an organisation that sponsered small bilateral and trilateral projects – we were funded twice- together with schools from the Czech Republic and Hungary.

CERTILINGUA is a label that is given to excellent language students who have gained a high competence about the EU. Erasmusplus projects play a big role in gaining that certificate.

Each year there is a prom in February – each year under a special theme – this year it is Las Vegas  - adapted to LIBS Vegas – LIBS being the abbreviation for Linz International Business School.

At our school CHINESE is taught – we are one of only a few schools in Austria where this is the case.