Together in Environmental Solutions Learning Activities

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With this project, we used our knowledge and good practices to design and implement learning scenarios for workshops and eTwinning activities on topics from physics, energy, ecology, foreign languages, business studies and electrical engineering. Open educational resources in the field of energy and ecology are important for students, as well as for teachers and generally for teaching processes in the future.

Discover the list of teaching scenarios via the link:


Between mobilities through the eTwinning platform students of each school had a number of tasks for other students. The solutions are posted via Twinspace. Students of each school/country created digital badges and shared them with students of partner schools after successfully solved activities and tasks.

Digital badges are a way of showcasing student achievements. They are validated indicators that show student has acquired a certain skill or knowledge, or completed a certain task. The badges can be placed on student online profile.

Digital badges were made on the basis of project logo samples that were in the final part of the competition for the project logo.




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