Together in Environmental Solutions Learning Activities

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Earth Day at the Technical School was marked by an international online meeting of all partners in the Erasmus + project TESLA, which is coordinated by the Technical School in Požega.

A total of about 50 participants (students and teachers) from partner schools from Austria, Estonia, Romania and Croatia participated. The gathering lasted three school hours.

The emphasis was on the presentation of school energy expedition teams in which students monitored and measured lighting in the school and the environment, energy and water consumption, created a temperature profile and analyzed waste disposal. The analysis of the collected data and the final reports provided an overview of the basic problems in energy consumption with short recommendations for increasing energy efficiency.

Prof. Marijan Živković gave a lecture: Environmental benefits of using an electric bicycle instead of a car in public transport. He also prepared a quiz for students on this topic.

Saving energy, water and disposing of waste by changing the behavior of students and teachers and other members of the school community will influence family and friends to do the same.

The gathering ended with the presentation of student acrostics with the term resources.