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Gumnasium ‘Coriolan Brediceanu’ from Lugoj, Romania, hosted the second mobility of Erasmus+ school partnership project TESLA from 17 to 23 October. Besides the host, students and teachers from Technical school Požega (coordinator), Croatia, BHAK International Business School Linz, Austria and Kanepi Gumnaasium, Estonia also participated this event. The aim of learning activities was to raise awareness with young generations about the necessity of using renewable energy sources and their responsible usage.

Six students from Croatia participated in the mobility: Luka Gomerčić, David Jurković, Juraj Matić, Niko Čilić, Šimun Klarić and David Vidović. They were accompanied by their teachers Tomislav Marković, Dalibor Banaj, Zoran Galić (principal of the school coordinator) and Marina Mirković (coordinator of the project).
As with all Erasmus+ projects, the aim of this project was not only communication and cooperation, but also development of their team work abilities and transfer of theoretical knowledge acquired in STEM subjects (Science, IT, Math).

Even though previously planned mobilities had been cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic, students and teachers participating in the project continued their work in virtual space celebrating Planet Earth Day, Global Goals Week, European Day of Languages and Erasmus Days through various activities, while continuing the work on the eTwinning project.
The four schools showed their willingness to continue the work on the project in these hard times. With all the effort, limitations and restraints all around us, this encounter is a proof that Europe has young citizens who are responsible and ready to build the third millennium society.

On the first day in Lugoj, the students were welcomed by high-school principal Aurelian Sima, PhD and deputy major Mr. Bogdan Stefan Blidariu. At school students had their presentations about using renewable energy sources in partners’ countries. After that, participants visited the city of Lugoj.

On the second day, students and teachers visited ExperimentariumTM in Timisoara where they were shown experiments about photovoltaic energy and using renewable energy sources for electrical energy production.
Ion Boldea, PhD, from Polytechnic University presented this prestigious educational institution and also gave life lessons and advice about the future, after which he presented research and laboratories they work in. At the University library the students were presented with book collections, their preservation and steps needed to borrow a book from the library. It was followed by a stroll through Timisoara to become familiar with its history, culture and art.

The third day was dedicated to school activities. Students used measurements from Experimentarium to finish their calculations and drawings of curves of the relationship between measured quantities. By using laboratory equipment from physics department, the students, who were split into international teams, built different devices that can be applied for renewable energy sources: solar panel powered machine, wind turbine which produces electrical energy, water powered wheel.
During the afternoon students and teachers participated in sports activities: a competition in table tennis and basketball. Medals, trophies and diplomas were just a small detail that fulfilled cooperation and friendship.

The fourth day was dedicated to studying of local electrical energy sources. It started with the visit to photovoltaic park in Darova where the students learned about technical details of solar panel functioning. The visit was followed by a visit to the Iron Gates on the Danube river where participants visited hydropowerplant museum. The visit was followed by a cruise on the Danube.
The students were a part of a large family of young Europeans concerned with energy sources in the future, thinking about sustainable and more environmentally friendly solutions.

All partners appreciated and enjoyed the time spent in Romania, the programme and hospitality of the hosts.
Special thanks to the principal of ‘Coriolan Brediceanu’ Gimnasium, Ioan Aurelian Sima, PhD, Lucia Boldea, local project coordinator, Adriana Maris and other teachers and students from school host
included in the project, for excellent organisation of all the activities, availability and openness which showed their willingness for cooperation with other schools.

Activities held in Romania were conducted under epidemiological measures imposed by each EU member state.
TESLA project was co-financied by the EU Erasmus+ programmes. Next mobility will be held at the beginning of March 2022 in Linz, Austria.

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