Together in Environmental Solutions Learning Activities

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The final conference and dissemination at the Technical School, Požega was held on September 29, 2022 with the participation of students, teachers, parents and organizations that helped in the project activities.

The project stimulated the student's awareness of sustainable development through the use of renewable energy sources and conscientious energy use. It also explored and familiarized the energy situation in the world, Europe and Croatia, provided an overview of energy resources, their use and their constraints.

All participants emphasized the positive atmosphere, exchange of different experiences, multicultural exchange and examples of good practice that were present during all project activities and in each country. It is also important to emphasize the significant increase in self-confidence in the use of the English language for all participants in everyday communication as well as in professional terminology.

Thanks to this positive influence on the members of the all teams, it is understandable their enthusiasm and desire to share their experiences gained during the realization of the project with a wider circle of participants who are not directly financed: colleagues at school, young people they work with, parents of students and other colleagues from their profession at county level. Participation in the project significantly improved the experience and competencies of the teachers who directly participated in it: in project management, collaborative research and project development. Obviously, these activities significantly increased their professional position, self-confidence and competence for work in the future.