Together in Environmental Solutions Learning Activities

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During the European Youth Week, activities are organized in all the countries of the European Union that bring to the fore topics relevant to young people. Organized once every two years, this event, now in its tenth edition, has in 2021 the theme Our future in our hands and represents a good opportunity for the voice of young people to be heard and their creative ability to be harnessed.

The students of the 11th grade B from the Coriolan Brediceanu Theoretical High School in Lugoj, coordinated by Mrs. Boldea Lucia Maria, proposed to debate and find original solutions starting from an idea of ​​their own whose message is,, Clean energy for all of us,,. Their project aims to promote the contribution of young people to the Green cause of the European Union, which seeks solutions to climate change and takes steps for environmental protection and sustainability. The chosen theme was inspired by the Erasmus+ TESLA project that our school is a partner and by the European Solidarity Corps.The youngest students from Brediceanu, the 5th grade students, together with teacher Mariș Adriana, deepened the theme "Famous scientists and their challenges", in which the students studied the life of some personalities from the world of science, the discoveries that made them famous, but also the challenges they had to face in their lives.