Together in Environmental Solutions Learning Activities

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Members of the project team (Technical School in Požega) in Erasmus+ KA2 project "Together in Environmental Solutions Learning Activities" (TESLA) celebrated the 165th year of his birth by meeting at the Nikola Tesla monument in Požega. On the initiative of the Nikola Tesla - Genius for the Future Association, July 10 was declared the national day of Nikola Tesla - the Day of Science, Technology and Innovation. Tesla's works and ideas encourage future innovators and scientists to their own ideas and inventions.

The team also prepared several appropriate TESLA acrostics:

Together we can change the world because
Energy is all around us so don't be concerned.
Stop using it the wrong way and
Learn how to help our planet and seize the day.
And please, don't take it for granted.

Tesla once said that Energy obtained from the destruction of natural elements is a crime against nature. Therefore, let's preserve and appreciate our planet and the nature that surrounds us, and with our laziness, let's not destroy what was created for us for billions of years, and was gifted to us as an inheritance, that masterpiece of the Universe.