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As part of the project RCK Slavonika 5.1 UP. Technical School Slavonski Brod organized teacher training on the topic of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP), in the field of Renewable Energy Sources. The education was held via the ZOOM application for three days in December 2020.

The lecturer was professor, doctor of science Mladen Bošnjaković, acting head of the Technical Department from the University of Slavonski Brod, to whom we would like to thank for the opportunity to use the presentations in teaching and education in the Erasmus+ KA2 project TESLA.


The following topics were covered:

 1. Fundamentals of geometric optics

2. CSP technologies

3. CSP with parabolic collectors

4. CSP with Fresnel collectors

5. CSP with a central tower

6. CSP with plate collectors

7. Application of CSP in industry

8. Impact of CSP power plants on the environment

9. Perspectives of CSP application in the EU and Croatia