P1 Other Project Events 10-2019

  • The project will be introduced to the students and the school staff via school magazine, web page, Facebook and then integrated to the school curriculum.
  • The Project teams will be selected after an interview.
  • Participant students will shoot a video to introduce their schools and towns to be shown at the first meeting with students in Croatia.

C1 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 11-2019

  • Renewable sources for generating electricity

P2 Other Project Events 11-2019

  • Students will create the project webpage and project newsletter.
  • Croatia will be responsible for the project project webpage and Romania will be responsible for the project newsletter.
  • A logo competition will be held to choose the best logo representing the project.

P3 Other Project Events 12-2019

  • We will organise Skype connection in each school to know each other (once every two months).
  • For Christmas and New Year time, students will create cards during English lessons and send to each other by traditional mail.

P4 Other Project Events 01-2020

  • Editing a start-up brochure of the TESLA project about partner countries, schools and our aims to promote Erasmus+ Program during the following 2 years (leader Croatian school).
  • First satisfaction survey for teachers, students and parents.

P5 Other Project Events 02-2020

  • School Dissemination events

P6 Other Project Events 03-2020

  • SELFIE tool - help schools assess where they stand with learning in the digital age.
  • Analysis of the digital competences of students and teachers in partners school.

P7 Other Project Events 04-2020

  • Activities on marking Earth Day - eTwinning platform, Twinspace of the project

C2 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 05-2020

  • Oil shale, peat and wood as energy sources

P8 Other Project Events 06-2020

  • School Dissemination events

P9 Other Project Events 07-2020

  • Writing a report evaluating the first year of the project by every partner school to evaluate the project and also writing Interim reports from the Nas.

P10 Other Project Events 08-2020

  • Updating the web page and project newsletter according to the evaluation reports.

P11 Other Project Events 09-2020

  • Students explore about Bioeconomy - eTwinning platform, Twinspace of the project Bioeconomy is a relatively new field, expanding over a broad range of sectors.
  • Knowledge of the field is an essential requirement for students of the 21st century.
  • Not only will the bioeconomy sector provide the jobs of the future, this knowledge will help your students better understand the challenges of tomorrow’s society and enhance their skills as responsible citizens.
  • Jobs of the future in the bioeconomy sector - what bioeconomy-related jobs students could already be involved in when they finish their education (Padlet, Prezi)

C3 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 10-2020

  • Hydro-electric power and photovoltaics

P12 Other Project Events 11-2020

  • Activities of marking the World's day of inventors. Inventions in the field of energy and environmental protection - eTwinning platform, Twinspace of the project

P13 Other Project Events 12-2020

  • Editing a calendar for 2021 with photos from the mobilities and workshops.

P14 Other Project Events 01-2021

  • School Dissemination events

P15 Other Project Events 02-2021

  • Updating the project newsletter and web site.

P16 Other Project Events 03-2021

  • Energy Expedition "Energy in our School" The goal of this activity in the project is to save energy by changing the behavior of users of facilities, and in the case of schools they are pupils, teachers and teachers and other members of the educational community.
  • Performing energy tests at the school includes the high temperature profile, long-term temperature profile, and energy usage test.
  • Students evaluate their results, calculate and carry out further research.
  • They develop proposals for improving energy efficiency at school and find ways to avoid CO2 emissions.

C4 Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils 04-2021

  • Sustainable Housing, Lighting, Heating, Smart Power Grids

P17 Other Project Events 05-2021

  • Open Day activities will be held at all partner schools in order to disseminate the project.

P18 Other Project Events 06-2021

  • SELFIE tool - analysis of the digital competences of students and teachers in partners school. Final satisfaction surveys for parents, students and teachers.
  • Analysis of the acquired digital badges of students.

P19 Other Project Events 07-2021

  • Evaluating the project after two years.

P20 Other Project Events 09-2021

  • Press conferences / final dissemination events in each country.